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The company

The company Vornbrock Equestrian Surfaces GmbH came from a traditional background in gardening and landscaping. Due to private interest of Richard Vornbrock (Managing Director), the first riding surface was built more than 20 years ago and formed a benchmark for the industry. As a rider and horseman, he knew that a good riding surface fulfilling sophisticated demands was hard to find at riding facilities! Also, he started distinguishing early on which soil mixture distinctly supported the long-term interest of maintaining the horses’ health related to their equestrian use.

His passion started with developing an ideal equestrian surface while considering:

  • type of usage
  • local requirements (size, existing surface etc.)
  • and customer’s budget.

„We specialized in indoor and outdoor riding surfaces. It is your choice whether you are looking for an equestrian surface for competition, jumping and dressage or with special requirements of Reining in Western Riding. Our customers benefit from our many years of practical experience and are thanking us in regular intervals for the dependable and prudent approach of our team members!“ (Richard Vornbrock)

Today, the company works with a mixture of modern and specifically developed technology as well as traditional manual work! This ensures a best possible quality which will remain affordable both for the event organizer as well as the private owner.

Our team is constant and specialised – this is also valued by our customers who often turn into friends over the years.