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Maintenance equipment

Professional maintenance devices save time! Because we know this and our customers are impressed by looking while we are setting up the equestrian surfaces, we offer our professional equipment for sale.

Planer Multi für Collage


The Multi has been developed for all top-surface mixtures. Using it, you can maintain sand surfaces as well as your sand-shaving-mixture or nonwoven-sand-mixture. By using a levelling device in the front, a loosening tines row, different types of crumbler rollers and the following finish sheet metal, you will be operating the superior type of maintenance equipment!

Star III Star
Our Star loosens and levels all variants of equestrian surfaces. With harrow tines and levelling device in front, the finish sheet metal and the small crumb tines in the back, this device ideally maintains pure sand surfaces.


R Basic

This solid maintenance device is well suited for professional maintenance of sand and sand-wood-shavings mixtures. It loosens up the ground and levels it. The back row of small crumb tines carefully loosens the top layer.

The maintenance equipment we are offering has been especially developed for various equestrian surfaces! We are happy to provide assistance in choosing the right equipment for your surface. Please contact us if you are interested. We will get back to you and provide you with a suitable quotation!

Mail: mail@vornbrock.de  / phone: 02853 – 912 110

Especially after a new construction, correct treatment is very important for long-term use of the equestrian surfaces – therefore, we do not only offer devices, but solutions!

No time for maintenance? We will be pleased doing the job for you! Contact phone: +49 2853 – 912 110 or mail: mail@vornbrock.de