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Voice of the customer

Georg Hillebrandt

“For about six years now, the Vornbrock riding surface including textile fibres is heavily being used in our indoor arena for numerous riding disciplines (dressage, jumping, equestrian vaulting and driving!). The riding surface features easy maintenance, shear stability and durability. We would always decide to purchase it again!“


Henrik von Eckermann

“Holger provided top performance here. The indoor arena is perfect, the riding surface is outstanding, the organisation is very good. We are happy to be here.“ (Quote: Interview Show jumper auction by H. Hetzel 2014)


Cian O`Connor, IRL

“A top-level indoor arena featuring a good riding surface, excellent atmosphere – a special event.“ (Quote: Interview Show jumper auction by H. Hetzel 2014)


Feedback of a tenant

“… The so very much praised ‘swing’ ground using carpeting rag by a market-leader was a complete desaster! It had been badly maintained (intensive maintenance required) and it was completely unsuitable for reasonable training. Developing unevenness and bumps which really stopped the horse’s foot abruptly surely do not increase horse health!! Therefore, we chose to move stables and are now happy again training on Vornbrock Equestrian Surfaces!” (R. Horn and M. Karla, North Rhine-Westphalia)


Barbers Home – Voß family

Among others, participants of German Open (German Championships in Western Riding) have been using Vornbrock Equestrian Surfaces enthusiastically for years.

“Even after many years of use, it is still the best Western Riding surface for us!“


And we also appreciated this feedback very much – Thanks to Hanna and the Team!


on behalf of Barber’s Home I would like to thank you very much for winning the prize ‚Hufschlagboy’ (track boy)!

I have to admit, I was sceptical about it, but the track boy surely is best for our facility! Up to now, the riding track had to be reworked by using a shovel and rake as the small indoor arena does not leave enough room for our heavy equipment and the small one does not prepare the rim exactly well. Our trainer tested the track boy on that same evening and was really pleased – as a consequence, everyone had to try and I have to say it was really excellent! I would never have dreamed that such a simple looking construction can be working so easily and with a very good result. Within 3 or 4 minutes, even myself as being a woman can do the work along the complete sand arena.

Thank you very much !!

Hanna Krieger and Barber´s Home Team”