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Outdoor Riding Arenas

The real quality proves itself only in practice. You will recognise temporarily set-up riding grounds after the next major rainfall or the next heat wave … We are delivering a professional foundation for your equestrian surface – right from the beginning!

Vornbrock Equestrian Surfaces will not set up an outdoor riding arena without a detailed analysis of the on-site situation! We always consider:

– Soil condition (including soil layers!

– Weather condition

– Possible water supply/water run-off by surrounding slopes

– General location of the (planned) arena

This approach which we offer as a service included for you is, of course, more complex for us. However, our goal is to ensure the quality for which we are well-known in the best possible way for you! We are happy to provide advice on the special requirements of treatment and maintenance measures so that you may enjoy your new equestrian surface for a long time!

By the way: Did you lack in arena maintenance for a while? Or is there an event coming up and you need your arena to look flawless? Talk to us, we provide our service!

See the Outdoor Riding Arena photo gallery.

Do you require competent advice? We are happy to help!

Please make an appointment by contacting us via telephone: +49 2853 – 912 110.