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Our Equestrian Surfaces

The mix is what matters!

A good surface consists of more than the visible sand (mixture)!

         – Appropriate combination of material
         – Adjustment of the substructure, base and surface layer
         – Optimum elasticity and cushioning
         – Ensuring safe footing
         – High slip resistance / shearing strength
         – Optimum sliding ability for Reining sports (Sliding grounds)
         – And ready to use immediately following installation …

is our standard according to requirements!

By years of testing and application and in helpful cooperation with our clients we have built up a broad wealth of experience which helps us to find your perfect equestrian surface – guaranteed!

We will be happy to advise you to your best choice. Whether you use Vornbrock- CLASSIC, -COMFORT, -PREMIUM – equestrian surfaces or ebb and flow system depends on the type, frequency and long-term orientation of intended use.

Do you require competent advice? We are happy to help!

Please make an appointment by contacting us via telephone: +49 2853 – 912 110.